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First and foremost, SiMPLE SiGHT STUDiOS is a boutique photography business,

locally owned and operated in the Twin Cities, with a focus on client relationships.

All aspects of SiMPLE SiGHT STUDiOS, whether it be client services,

photography or editing is attended to by owner Jason Lee Boyd.

From tiny homes to luxury estates, vacation rentals to interior design projects,

I capture living spaces of all kinds.



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your session

I offer all-inclusive Real Estate photography sessions, which means you get a variety of

interior & exterior images, a 360 Walk-Thru/Highlight, aerials and more

for the cost of your session. Never worry about scheduling aerials or a virtual tour again,

they come standard! Details on what's included below.

The Whole Picture

Capturing as much of the property as possible is important! I capture wide angle, perspective and detail shots for each session. Wide angle shots provide views of spaces in their entirety while perspective shots (as seen above) are shot from an elevated view looking down and allow the viewer to see a layout of the space and experience a different aspect. Detail shots capture special features of the property that make it stand out.

No Image Limitations

Each property is unique so the number of images will vary depending on several factors. A home that has been cleaned, staged & has custom work throughout will yield more images than an empty, unkempt and dated home of the same size. This is why I do not put image limitations on my Real Estate photography sessions.

Online Album

I use Google Photos to deliver finished product to my clients. Proofing, downloading and sharing images is extremely easy with no sign-in or sign-up required.

360 Walk-Thru

A 360 Walk-Thru is an interactive virtual tour that is MLS compliant and comes standard with all of my photography sessions for no additional fee. Your 360 Walk-Thru remains live until your listing is nonactive. See an example of a 360 Walk-Thru here. Not using a 360 Walk-Thru for any reason does not affect pricing. These are extras that I include for no additional fee.

Bird's Eye View

Yes, I include aerials with all of my photography sessions for no additional fee!!! Whether showcasing a exceptional landscape, creative outdoor space or selling land, I can capture a unique perspective via drone or a number of extension rigs. Not using a aerial photography for any reason does not affect pricing. These are extras that I included for no additional fee.

Optimized Images

Multiple sets of images (a set for online use, a set for print media, etc.) is counter-intuitive when trying to stay organized, complete tasks quickly and work efficiently. I use JPEG Mini to optimize all of my images, keeping the file sizes small while not affecting the physical dimensions or image quality whatsoever. My clients receive one set of images that work beautifully for both print media and online use. SiMPLE!

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