Tips for preparing your property.

Exterior -

  • Pull vehicles into the garage.

  • Close garage doors

  • Hide/remove trash receptacles.

  • Hide/remove basketball hoops.

  • Remove garden hoses & gardening tools.

  • Clean up any trash in the yard.

  • Mow, rake and remove grass clipping or leaves.

  • Remove any outdoor furniture that’s unkempt.

Interior -

  • Install bright bulbs (100 watt) in dark rooms

  • Make sure all bulbs are working.

  • Make sure all lighting is the same temp or color.

  • Remove dingy towels from the bathroom.

  • Clean the mirrors (No streaks please).

  • Clean, dust and vacuum the entire property.

  • Remove everything from the exterior of the fridge.

  • Make sure all stainless appliances are clean.

  • Hide trash cans and clothes hampers.

  • Remove and hide any clutter.

  • Remove pets from the property.

  • Make the beds.

  • Put clothing away.

  • Remove the clutter in the shower (If visible).

  • Toilet seat down.

  • Remove clutter from vanity.

  • Open window blinds and treatments.

  • If possible, HIRE A STAGER!!!