Once I've scheduled your photography session, you receive a conformation email for your appointment. Day of shoot, the property must be shoot ready upon arrival. This means clean-up and staging is complete and nothing else is scheduled during the photography session. Once photography is complete, the editing process begins. Turn-around time on your images can vary depending on my schedule, but is usually from 24 to 72 hours. Upon completion I send over an invoice through Square and once paid I release your finished product which you can download from

your Google Photos album. Your album is up/live for one month but I suggest downloading your

images at your earliest convenience.

Not using any extras like vignettes, detail shots, a 360 Walk-Thru or

aerial photography for any reason does not affect pricing.

A 15% fee will be added for properties that are not shoot ready upon arrival. 

This includes properties where furnishings are moved from room to room and

properties that are not ready due to incomplete staging, cleaning, etc.

These shoots involve more time and this small fee will help cover some of that time.

A $75 fee will be added for properties that are not ready and need to be rescheduled upon arrival.